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Shawn Elizabeth

Photographer and Digital Artist

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Ever since I was young, I have been deeply passionate about art and creativity. Over the past 15 years, I have traveled extensively, capturing stunning travel, wildlife, and landscape photography from around the world. My background in Folklore and Studio Art has given me a unique perspective and approach to my work, as I seek to combine my love for art and folklore to create something truly special.

Today, I am actively involved in photography, digital art, and NFT artwork, constantly seeking new ways to express my creativity and connect with others through my work. With my photography and art, I aim to tell stories and transport viewers to different places and times, evoking emotions and leaving them with a sense of wonder and awe.

If you share my passion for art, storytelling, and adventure, then I invite you to join me on this journey through the world of art and creativity.

Folklore &Travel

2021-Látrabjarg, Iceland

Rán: Goddess of The Sea

Norse Mythology

2019 –Sahara Desert, Morocco

2017-Limpopo Province of South Africa

Digital Art

Mixed media artwork

Folklore and Storytelling

Enigma Collection

The Divine Twins

The Reef Goddess

Exbitibed in Oncyber "Freedom" Gallery

Enigma Colleection

The Norns


2022-Tasmania, Australia

2015-South Africa

2021-Látrabjarg, Iceland


I Dream of Zebra

Surreal Jungle Collection

Astral Safari

Sea of Dreams Collection

Eyes of The Reef


Toad Magic

Exhibited NFT NYC 23'

City Pop Exhibition

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NFT Collections

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